Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Hacking the Matrix

Wired recently featured a HOWTO issue that highlighted the possibility of integrating an iPod into the standard radio/CD unit of any given car.

I own a Toyota Matrix—aside from all of the Matrix puns I get to use— the Matrix is a great car. But Toyota has been slow on the uptake of the idea that MP3 (read “iPod”) integration is not optional equipment. I would go even so far as to say iPod integration is barely on Toyota’s radar.

Taking the Wired article to heart, I yanked the radio/CD unit out and studied its ports and hookups. No options for splitting the input and adding a headphone jack were present.

Not disappointed, I learned that replacing the radio could be very easy: the dash disassembly is very easy and non-destructive. Popping a new unit in with an apropos faceplate to match the resulting void would be very easy.

I’ll have to seriously consider that Alpine unit under 200. I don’t need no stinking CD player. Hell, I could probably sell the original unit on eBay.

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