Monday, 15 October 2007

To partition or not to partition

I made the mistake of equipping my new MacBook before splitting the drive into HFSJ and HFSX partitions (J is for Journaled HFS+, X is HFSJ with case-sensitivity). Now, I’m sans case sensitive partition and my CVS/SVN checkouts have issues, besides I can’t commit files with the same name, differing only in case (yes, there are reasons such things might exist in the world of software development).


There appear to be some good tools out there, though I’m only seriously considering DriveStudio by Micromat. Micromat has always been a great Mac company, producing powerful tools for the Mac hacker and support expert. I trust Micromat.

I’m just not ready to drop the 50 bucks.

Then there is parted and its GUI’d cousins, QTParted and GParted. Freeware tools that do the same thing, but without the feature set of a tool like DriveStudio.

What to do?

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