Saturday, 13 October 2007

My damn fingers!

Die Tee, Die has been quiet.

But I’m not giving up on the idea.

Yet, what has me mad is that I just learned that the link I had in my original post was wrong! I had misspelled the link. I wonder how many possible interested clicks I lost?

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Is your neighborhood ready for Cops?

I recently took a long overdue vacation to the mountains of North Georgia for some testosterone influenced fun: guns, beer, fishing, tents, campfires, beer, guns.

I returned 5 days later to stories of law enforcement vehicles (from two states), forensic vans, crying neighbors, and neighbors being handcuffed!

With the scant “evidence” available to my wife, I powered up Google with some key words. Bam. Eight hits eerily matched: our neighbor’s live in relative went home one Friday night. He mortally beat his mother in a robbery gone bad. The next evening, Saturday, he was arrested at our neighbor’s house after a thorough search (finding his mother’s wallet and some bloody clothing).

Wow. That’s crazy drama.

Moral: Google is awesome. I knew the story before the local rag reported it three days later. Everything else was just gossip in the neighborhood.

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