Saturday, 15 September 2007

I hate the Visa PayWave TV ads

Hate is such a strong word. The social Marxists would have everyone think that by making hate a bad word, it will just go away, or we will all become Vulcans. But let me repeat that for the easily offended:

I Hate The Visa PayWave Ads

What exactly is this video gem that conjures up such ugly feelings? You probably have seen the commercial: The world is ballet. Perfectly orchestrated by the movement of money. Cue soundtrack scratch. Everything halts because of a) someone bothers to write a check, or b) pays with cash.

The message is that using these forms of payment disrupts the world's ballet. The ugly reality is that the ballet is not for your enjoyment but Visa's Profit. A profit of interest rates and service charges.

I choose to pay cash more often than not. Mostly because I hate the interest rates of the credit industry. And I know a little something about interest rates in the credit industry.

Ugh, I hate those ads.

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Comment: Great Google-Fu at Wed, 19 Sep 8:44 PM

I like the new E*Trade one finger ads.

Comment: joe.caffeinated at Fri, 21 Sep 2:16 PM

Not so sure they are new, but they are funny. Weren't they played at the SuperBowl?

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