Monday, 20 August 2007

Afternoons and coffeespoons

It has indeed been quiet at ACD. A neglected blog, as so many are; ACD was joining the ranks.

Unintentional to be sure. The many distractions can not be understated: child, wife, work, work, a little more of that to measure my patience for work. Gaming has been sacrificed without saying too much more than stating the obvious. My Evil Overloads Overlords the undesired victims of my career responsibilities.

And while work has been demanding I have found time for game prep: nurturing of ideas and the maturation of the same for sessions ahead. And some other less demanding gaming has emerged. I’ve hinted at my renewed interested in Panzer Leader, completing a DIY set from the Imaginative Strategist. It has provided some solo-gaming for my enjoyment as my far flung players made Warhammer gaming hard.

There was a time when I pursued study for the SCWCD as well. And it can be argued that certifications are busy work for one with solid experience, and yet to me it is more than a piece of paper but a structured way to look at old topics anew, finding the chewy centers of goodness in study; especially brain-friendly study. And so I do intend to take the study up as part of new 1, 3, and 5 year plan at work (and while the aforementioned distraction of work left piles of personal enjoyment in the ditches of its path, I laid a pretty solid foundation for advancement as well).

If you paid attention to some of the disjointed blogging to date, you might have noted that my Java geek fought suppression and new view frameworks to sow and root in my mind (see Got Stripes?). And topics like the YUI smolder and smoke at the hot edges of my mind’s fire, for ACD, for work, and for other ventures.

Busy to say the least; I promise a fresher mix of topics and adventures.

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