Sunday, 12 August 2007

Got Stripes?

Exhausted with the non-starter that JSF has been, as well as just mentally exhausted with the crap response output from JSF, I have turned to Stripes.

Simply put, Stripes rocks.

Stripes actually allows a Java-centered web-tier developer like myself to actually code semantic HTML and use advanced DOM and CSS-pseudo classes in the front-end design.

JSF, written by Java engineers living in a HTML 3.2 world, can’t do this. Why? Because it appropriates the id attribute, a core HTML element attribute dedicated to the DOM, for the backing JSF component model (sorry, Mr. McClanahan, the id attribute is not yours to use just because you can’t code HTML). And so, JSF gets my “It Sucks” badge (I don’t have a “It Sucks” badge, but if I did it would be here for you to use).

Take a look at Stripes. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I am.

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