Saturday, 7 July 2007

Panzerblitz II on pre-order

I have recently written about my renewed interest in old skool wargaming. Panzer Leader, in the WWII genre, has always been my favorite (with some civil war genre thrown in there too).

There is no question that there are a lot of great games, past and present, from many publishers, yet Avalon Hill holds that special place in the recesses of my mind, and hence my steadfast interest in TAHGC games of old.

Enough preamble, I just placed my pre-order for Panzerblitz: Hill of Death from Multiman Publishing. PB:HOD is, among the closer followers of the genre, thought of as Panzerblitz II. Panzerblitz (PB) was the basis, in rules and format, for Panzer Leader. PB was set on the eastern front, Panzer Leader on western front, Normandy to Berlin.

Not as broad in theater as Panzer Leader, and on the opposite front of its namesake, PB:HOD promises evolved rulesets, removing the glaring problems of the original PB, and by extension then Panzer Leader. as well as less “gameyness.”

I do fear that many games can get bogged down in attempts at realism codified in rules. If by removing the gameyness of PB it comes with the cost of complex rules and a steeper learning curve then I will critique it for this when it arrives. And as long as I am thinking about gameyness, I will note that the name, Panzerblitz: Hill of Death has a certain “gayness.” Come on…Hill of Death? Maybe there is historical reference to this, “A Bridge Too Far”. Maybe it has a certain marketing flare. Yet, if I could change only one thing prior to publishing: change the name. Maybe not Panzerblitz II, but most definitely not the current title.

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