Thursday, 28 June 2007

Game horizon

All quiet on the east coast? Not really.

I've posted in the past about coming out as gamer at work (following up to Dr. Rotwang! excellent post over at I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow). No question my RSS Feed screensaver of Treasure Tables is opening the closet, but my Panzer Leader counter plates from Imaginative Strategist have been the boon. The number of board game geeks around me are legion! I hope to get together for a few clashes in cardboard soon.

Then there is this gem from an interview of Patton Oswalt, the comedian, in this month's Wired:

Wired: You're nearly 40, and you've 
       returned to playing Dungeons & Dragons. 
       Please explain.

Oswalt: It's a benign way to 
        have a midlife crisis that doesn't involve 
        sports cars.  My wife is probably hoping, 
        "Maybe tonight he'll just go to a strip club..." 
        Instead, I'm out rolling dice and saying 
        things like, "I don't know if a Wall of Fog 
        spell lasts that long!"

I read that aloud to my wife. She doesn't know how good she has it. ;)

This weekend is a meeting of the WFRP party. One short, but two strong. What happens to everyone at the gates of Ossino that the party is split? I want the story to go on... maybe I'll opt for a one off. ~o)

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