Monday, 4 June 2007

Die Tee, Die!

How do you roll?

I suspect if you’re a regular visitor of this mixed topic blog with a decided bent to the hobby of roleplaying, my bet is you roll with a d20, or a pair of d10s (maybe even a d4 for those special magic missile occasions).

So, with an impulse of putting some of my pro-am digital art skills to work and living like a gamer that means it, I sought to create some simple, stylish designs for t-shirts with a focus on “old school” roleplaying.

What I didn’t want was a rehashing of the overused gamer clichés. I wanted to find a place where pop meets geek culture, and Die Tee Die! was born.

I think my first offerings come out of the starting gate with promise. Colorful and direct, with a twist on what it means to “roll.” Let me know what you think!

A website and blog (of course) are in development. To my amazement, Die Tee Die!, the perfect word play (and pop culture reference) for this endeavor was available as both a domain and a CafePress store. I couldn’t have rolled for that kind of success… ~o)

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