Thursday, 31 May 2007

Q: Mark of Chaos computer v. computer play

Does anyone out there reading this infinitesimally small corner of the web know: Is Mark of Chaos capable of computer vs. computer play?

At the risk that my coworker, and player, has been cyber-stalking this website (something said post game threw a flag), I did ask him this question already, but his initial answer was, paraphrased here: "Yes, if you get the game I can play you." Folks, that's not the answer I'm looking for.

I want to know can the Mark of Chaos A.I. play itself, allowing me to watch the outcome in the context of an RTS?

The answer is not in the online marketing descriptions of Mark of Chaos, so I turn to the audience.

I would find any modern game lacking if such a feature was absent. Really. Maybe I want to play a specific scenario in the single player campaigns, but to get there I want the computer to play all of the inbetween action. Wha? you ask. People, I have been playing computer games a long time. Even the early consoles did this, a lot of football games do this to play a season out to the championship. Hell, even some of my favorite tactical games on the computer did this, Close Combat and the V for Victory series comes to mind.

If you know the definitive answer, post it in a comment, or email me. Many thanks!

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