Friday, 11 May 2007

BSG should end

/. is reporting via some other outlet, as /. does, that Battlestar Galactica will end as a series with the fourth season in 2008.


I am a massive fan of BSG. So why do I want to see it end? Because the story has a natural termination point. Why drag on a story arc for the sake of more episodes? Why do some fans have to be so militant about continuing the saga?

Before you start waxing on about loose ends and more stories post-Earth-search, consider what always happens to series that artificially extend their story arc: the episodes become contrived, stories insulting to the intelligence of the fans, and worse, the shark will be jumped.

Do me a huge favor BSG fans: do not start a petition for the continuation of the series, do not grovel at the door of USA Networks, do not insult the producers or actors. Instead enjoy BSG for what it has been for the last four years: the best re-imagining of a classic television series since ST:TNG. Otherwise, mark these words, we will be forced to watch Apollo, Starbuck, and Baltar walking the streets of Speer’s Berlin trying to sufficiently advance Earth technology to fight a present day Cylon threat while Boxey (only a mention in the mini-series to date) joins the Boy Scouts, but finds it hard to be accepted because he’s an adolescent homosexual with super-powers on a planet with a yellow sun.

Don’t believe it will happen? Two words and a date: Battlestar Galactica 1980. Remember that piece of shit? Yeah, I think you do.

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