Sunday, 6 May 2007

Green Fairies?

So me thinks there might be something to the Green Fairy.

A neighbor got me some absinthe some time ago. Not the good stuff (meaning absinthe having thujone, a banned substance in the US), but some knock off that is legal in the US—yeah, I’m dissing my neighbor a little; I think his green card status was something of a holdback to getting me the good stuff from a friend in France, so no blame, but still some dissing is due—and I will just report three things to the reader:

  1. Knock-offs taste like strong licorice, with an almost impossible to drink potency on the palate
  2. It indeed provokes the creative, but being a knock-off, I think it’s just the alcohol thinking for me
  3. Consume without the wife, or with the tacit approval of same

About no. 1: I really don’t know what the good stuff tastes like so I cannot speak to a knowledge founded in compares and contrasts. However, it is reported that Absinthe is expected to have an anise-like flavor.

All said, this glass of absinthe put me in a mood for blogging. Something a beer or a glass of wine will not do for me. This entire post is probably all a romantic fascination with absinthe, having no basis in empirical study.

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<bill-paxton>The Server is Down, man! The SERVER-is-DOWN!</bill-paxton>

With the right dramatic inflections, maybe that’s a little, teeny-bit funny. I got home from some errands today, day two of temporary bachelorhood BTW, with three movies.

  1. The Fog
  2. GitS:Innocence
  3. Blade: Trinity

So I watch GitS:Innocence first. Good anime to be sure, but not the same with all of the CG. The story is more complex than the original, and the characters as philosophical as ever.

The Fog was next. Not that piece of shit remake, I’m talking about the original John Carpenter’s The Fog. Funny thing about that movie, it is one of those movies that makes an impression on you as a teen (yeah, I was a teen when it was was in the theater). Creepy even now. In a former career I worked with a producer of The Fog and Escape From New York. It’s one of those circle of life encounters that sticks with you.

Having watched it twice today, once raw and a second time with commentary, I went to blog…instead laid my eyes on a Status Code 500.

The reasons turn out to be part server migration, part lurking mis-configuration. The two together made for two extremely boring hours of debugging. The migration part meant a reboot of the UML host. Yet, how the mis-configuration never blew up in almost a year of uptime, I’m not sure. But it all allowed me an op to update some server software at the same time, eliminating a potential DoS hole in my Apache-Tomcat connector.

Now, I’m enjoying Blade: Trinity. Yes, actually enjoying it. The movie as a whole is not as good as the first, but better than the second. Jessica Biel with a ultraviolet arc laser and compound bow is smokin’ hot. “Van Wilder” as Hannibal King is a nice touch, funny as hell. Oh, the vampire flame-outs are much better in this one. And I still have a thing for Parker Posey, though her hair choices in this film really didn’t do anything for me.

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