Friday, 16 March 2007

Barbie dolls

I have a daughter in love with Barbies.

Barbie movies in particular, of which my wife and I have seen multiple times (of course). As an aside to this post is that in watching these movies, I have seen the evolution of the CGI: from basement-render-farm to near-Hollywood quality in the most recent, Magic of the Rainbow.

But I wanted to say, I took notice of some peculiar and mature features of the doll characters vs. movie characters of Fairytopia. In the movies, the slender, busty fairies wear one-piece tops, no exposed navel, longer skirts and modest makeup. Yet, the doll versions of said characters lack this modesty…exposed navel, very low mini-mini skirts, heavy makeup, and no, that’s right, no molded underwear.

Now, you're asking “Are you looking up the skirts of Barbie dolls you perv?” As any father of a Barbie-loving daughter will tell you, Barbie dolls are more often naked than clothed. It doesn’t take long before you begin to take note that most Barbie’s have molded underwear. And a departure from this is not a studied observation, just an observation.

So what is the mixed messaging here? Or is it just that movies still have folks reviewing content for age appropriateness more closely (even content that doesn’t go through the rating system) than the production and design of the action figures? Or, even still, is my idea of age appropriateness “old fashion,” and the hooker-esque look of dolls today are the new modesty? I hope not.

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