Sunday, 4 March 2007


It seems that this originally mixed topic blog has become all gaming of late. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but I really do have many more interests than just gaming.

But today is GM Day, “March Fo(u)rth,” and all that jazz. And I’m GM’ing today; it’s all apropos I guess.

But I coined a term over at Treasure Tables and wanted it recorded for case I need to demand royalties for its use. If O’Reilly can trademark $web2$, then damnit, I want M*A*G*E, or Mobile Auxiliary Game Equipment. That’s right, if you need a way, other than having a backpack, some paper, dice, and pencils, to take your game on the road, be it to another player’s house or a LGS, then you may have a need for a MAGE box/bin/roller/van/truck.

Before anyone starts re-purposing office rollers, suitcases, rubber bins, trunks, truck bed caps, vans, or cargo containers as “MAGE-ready”, or as a “MAGE”, I want the world to know that was my idea. ;)

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