Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Agnostic GM resources

Last night I wrote some questions to the audience-at-large regarding the idea of party splitting.

Gaming today has so much more potential for experienced and noob GMs with the vast amount of resources on the internets. The sharing of tips by other blogging GMs and players is vast.

Here are two of my favorites (with a criticism for one): #
An ezine with regular and new contributors and an archive of of over 300 issues!

Criticism: No RSS feed, and no search. Ok, the no search seems to be driven by the offering of the Encyclopedia for sale. No fault for that, hopefully a revenue generator that offsets bandwidth and sweat costs or makes a little income as well. However, that said, I might structure the offering a little differently. Offer full topic header searches, a la Lucene field indexing, and make the older tips available only in the encyclopedia offering (I think this is being done to some extent in the encyclopedia itself, but not in the online component).

Treasure Tables #
A real blog that is GM focused with tips on just about everything (including party splitting!) and RSS feeds plus search!

For WFRP I visit:

I have some criticisms of STS, mostly around the dated content, though the forums are current. And the forum membership is either closed, invitation only, or just poorly managed. The moderator clearly does not grant membership in a timely manner, manually approving every registration at the pace of a slug.

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