Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Party splitting

A possible consideration in my next session of WFRP is splitting the party.

I'm developing a story line from the last session where the party will have to embark on a scouting mission into the Great Forest to report on the size of the marauding orcs and greenskins.

How this is shaping up is that a contingent of professional soldiers will arrive in Leiske and conscript half the town muster (per the gazette) and other unfortunates, especially those with military careers, i.e., at least one member of the party. The troops will then march to Hermsdorf to muster on the outlying fields of the forest. This of course will be the strategic setting. The tactical setting more personal to the player conscripted. Having to mingle with the glory seekers and the flagellants that accompany such forces in the Empire.

I also want to liven the play by having to force the players to roleplay the separation and not share information, setting a tense pre battle atmosphere for the players.

What say the players and GMs out there, any tips or thoughts on such play? What kind of opportunists travel with troops marching to battle? I see armorers and blacksmiths, whores and launderers, cooks and ...? And what about the WFRP world as we know it now, is a Sigmar battle priest present, and what of his/her retinue?

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