Saturday, 10 February 2007

Firebug v. Web Developer v. Xyle Scope v. Venkman

Web Developer (WD) was first. I have a soft spot for WD.

Before WD, there was Xyle Scope, I have a real soft spot for Xyle Scope.

Now, take everything great about WD, add the visual GUI of Xyle Scope (without the license), toss in a bit of Venkman (I'm not going to elaborate or explain, you know or don't know Venkman), and you get Firebug. A cross platform tool for working with modern day web development: Ajax, XHTML, CSS, and more. I love this tool.

Get Firebug

Firebug doesn't do everything WD does, and visa versa. Firebug is not Xyle Scope, but pretty damn close while being cross platform (Xyle Scope is about the Apple Web Kit v. Firebug is about Gecko).

They all compliment each other, but Firebug is just a sweet tool all by itself.

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