Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Campaign worlds

Monday I blogged about the WFRP campaign I'm running and some of the adventures by the players.

You might recall me talking about the party riding to Leiske after escaping the designs of a bounty hunter and his roadwarden confederates.

And while the WFRP gazette for Leiske describes it having a population of 97 and able to muster 10 "poor" quality soldiers, there lies two paragraphs in Sigmar's Heirs describing Leiske as the headquarters of the roadwardens patrolling the Old Forest Road between Talabheim and Hermsdorf.

This is a detail that makes it interesting to say the least that the players may have ridden not to safety, but into the hornet's nest. That is if I had actually described their two days and night in Leiske as anything other than them trying to re-equip themselves as best they could in a town that just didn't have the craftsmen and suppliers of goods that they sought.

The gazette and the two paragraphs lie in contradiction of each other. A village housing a large contingent of roadwardens would be flush with monies and services sought by such charged with keeping law. A village of 97 Leiske would not be.

But that's my opinion. On that note, Obelheim, in my world, is now the small village headquartering the roadwardens. Not likely a place the players will be visiting in the short term.

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Another Reason Micros~1 sux


Developers be damned, Ballmer.

When tools like Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar offer, for free, web development experiences that cannot be matched by any tool available for IE, then IE will continue to be slowly marginalized.

And that marginalization may happen suddenly. The tipping point is already in sight, frankly. And no amount of monkey dancing will help.

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