Friday, 8 September 2006

Back to some code and something for Frontline fans

I'm looking at making some improvements to Simple Photo Album Plugin, a plugin for blojsom, that I have contributed to in the past. The plugin is used here, but it is not in public release. One thing that is desperately needed is caption support. I suspect this would be a simple matter in blojsom 3 using the database backend, and even a simple matter in the file-backed system used it blojsom 2. The question is how to it efficently.

Callbacks to a "property" file that provided key-value pairs for the images and their captions might be a I/O bottleneck in some environments; I suppose not any worse than the file-backed entry system already at work. It would be nice to put an object in memory and allow requests for image captions come from there. The Velocity context might provide a nice place to hold this theoretical object. The object should be related to the post somehow I think too. Thread safety would be nice. It should free memory on a time-out like manner (requests for a given blog entry might spike after original post, but die off steadily just hours or days later). I'll have to look more closely at this idea.

I just finished watching an old Frontline, The Secret History of Credit Cards. Term of the evening to remember: Universal Default. No, not going to quit my job (at an international credit card issuer). I believe you are personally responsible for your actions, and I'm a capitalist too boot.

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