Tuesday, 5 September 2006

How to make a movie on the cheap

As some of you turkeys might know, I'm a bit of a MST3K fan. Okay, I have 30+ episodes recorded on VHS. Yeah, I still watch them regularly during my morning workout. Always funny.

So this morning I'm watching the ever so deft riffing of the Bochco/Stevens hit Riding with Death (Episode 814). I always figured this movie to be a failed pilot for a Ben Murphy comeback. Alas, it turns out to be instead two episodes of Gemini Man stitched together as a failed pilot for a Ben Murphy comeback.

The point of this is that 1) two episodes of a TV show can make a movie (sort of), and 2) recycled elements  of other movies save you the cost of building sets for your movie; money to spend on talent (sort of).

But the producers must have figured that someone would notice, in time at least, that the sweeping shots of the computer room were cut from Colossus: The Forbin Project? Yes! the opening establishing shots of the computer room, where all the top secret data on Sam Casey is kept, are cut straight from Colossus. The Guardian logo—Guardian is the Russian AI that joins with Colossus to rule the world—can be seen clearly on the side of a terminal.

I felt that this was such important mind numbing trivia about Riding with Death it should not be lost. I recorded it for posterity in Wikipedia.

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