Saturday, 2 September 2006

Movie queue

Blade: Trinity was on deck this weekend. Denied! The rented unrated two-disc set did not have the movie disc! Hold your cat calls, I wasn't expecting fine cinema, but just mindless vamp violence. Blade was great, Blade II was only tolerable but an interesting sequel. Blade: Trinity was rented for no other reason than to close the Blade chapter, and waste two hours of my life watching Jennifer Biel in leather with bow and silver-tipped arrows; not necessarily a bad thing.

So I returned the half movie, and rented two completely different titles. Blindspot: Hitler's Secretary and Star Trek: Nemesis. The latter, again, to close that chapter; I didn't see it in the theaters. It was a good chapter. The former to satisfy the WWII history buff in me. Blindspot too is a good title. In German, with English subtitles as an option. It is worth a look if you too enjoy history.

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