Thursday, 21 September 2006

Understanding HTML, XML and XHTML

Surfin' Safari, the blog of the WebKit rendering engine, has an incredibily lucid post about what it really means to use HTML vs. XHTML and visa versa.

If you spend a lot of time coding XHTML 1.0 and 1.1 web content like I do, read this post on Understanding HTML, XML and XHTML. You won't waste your time again with trying to get XHTML 1.1 content to validate if it's just not going to be right in the end.

There's a lot of noise in the trackbacks, pingbacks and comments related to Dashboard widgets and developer/user impacts, but I could care less. It was the body of the argument that was more important. 

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Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Finally, someone said what I was thinking all week

Via, Anne Applebaum: Enough Apologies:

None of the radical clerics accepts Western apologies, and none of their radical followers reads the Western press. Instead, Western politicians, writers, thinkers and speakers should stop apologizing—and start uniting…

True, these principles sound pretty elementary—"we're pro-free speech and anti-gratuitous violence"—but in the days since the pope's sermon, I don't feel that I've heard them defended in anything like a unanimous chorus. A lot more time has been spent analyzing what the pontiff meant to say, or should have said, or might have said if he had been given better advice.

All of which is simply beside the point, since nothing the pope has ever said comes even close to matching the vitriol, extremism and hatred that pour out of the mouths of radical imams and fanatical clerics every day, all across Europe and the Muslim world, almost none of which ever provokes any Western response at all. And maybe it's time that it should.


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Thursday, 14 September 2006

Teaching the Towel

My daughter is feeling under the weather today.  She asked for a towel and instinctively wrapped herself in it, lied on the floor, and closed her eyes.

As we all know—don't we—the towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. My daughter is a frood who really knows where her towel is. I'll try not to let her forget. ~o)

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Wednesday, 13 September 2006

I love IE7 already

Mercury Interactive's piece-of-shit, ActiveX control masquerading as a "defect tracker," Test Director, does not load (is not supported, shits itself, however you want to say it) in IE7. I can't wait for Micros~1 to push IE7 in an update and blow up our QA management enviroment. 

Maybe we'll switch to a real defect tracker, like JIRA or Trac or, hell, bugzilla. Anything other that what MI has to offer. 


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Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Voted and Predictions

My first right-of-center unaffiliated vote. Disappointed. MD doesn't let the unaffiliated participate in the partisan primaries. Boo.

The new iTunes came out. Some interesting features, like album art support regardless of origin. Nice, but I can't get it to grab art that the store has for some basic titles. Me thinks this is a copyright thing that iTunes is swallowing and not reporting to the user.

Finally, yet related, I predict that Gruber will host an anthropomorphic chat with iTunes, Safari, and the Finder in short order. The iTunes interface is a departure from Tiger, and clearly a preview of things to come in Leopard. 

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Sunday, 10 September 2006

Roommate Wanted. Cock Trap enthusiast desired.

A neighbor, not the boostful neighbor, looks to be moving a roommate in.

My wife and I were laughing, drinking rum runners on the deck, wondering if the roommate was a cock trap user too.

Oh, you dirty minded turkey. Not that kind of cock trap, this kind. One would get this joke if one could see into the basement of the neighbor, as my wife and I can (no blinds on the walk-out door). Next to the door is a boxed Cock Trap.

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Talk me out of a Dell, dude.

No, seriously.

Cavets: only if you can match the Dell price for a server with RAID 0, 1, or 0+1 (80 or 160GB HDDs) and 1–2GB RAM. Naturally, ethernet is expected (dual-home is nice, but not necessary). High-end graphics not required...we're talking server, not gamer box.

Oh, and dual-core nice to have (ok, close to must have), AMD or Intel. This is not a partisan requirement. 

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Saturday, 9 September 2006

Dodge. Duck. Dip. Dive. Dodge.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

—Patches O'Houlihan


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Friday, 8 September 2006

Back to some code and something for Frontline fans

I'm looking at making some improvements to Simple Photo Album Plugin, a plugin for blojsom, that I have contributed to in the past. The plugin is used here, but it is not in public release. One thing that is desperately needed is caption support. I suspect this would be a simple matter in blojsom 3 using the database backend, and even a simple matter in the file-backed system used it blojsom 2. The question is how to it efficently.

Callbacks to a "property" file that provided key-value pairs for the images and their captions might be a I/O bottleneck in some environments; I suppose not any worse than the file-backed entry system already at work. It would be nice to put an object in memory and allow requests for image captions come from there. The Velocity context might provide a nice place to hold this theoretical object. The object should be related to the post somehow I think too. Thread safety would be nice. It should free memory on a time-out like manner (requests for a given blog entry might spike after original post, but die off steadily just hours or days later). I'll have to look more closely at this idea.

I just finished watching an old Frontline, The Secret History of Credit Cards. Term of the evening to remember: Universal Default. No, not going to quit my job (at an international credit card issuer). I believe you are personally responsible for your actions, and I'm a capitalist too boot.

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Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Geek conference

My employeer is springing for education/conferences again this year. I'm slated for another round in Boston at WDW.

I'm going to trade that option in for a Web 2.0™ conference in Las Vegas. 

The former was good last year, but a conference on the new trademarked web (by O'Reilly) will be more apt considering some of the projects I'm working on. 

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Tuesday, 5 September 2006

How to make a movie on the cheap

As some of you turkeys might know, I'm a bit of a MST3K fan. Okay, I have 30+ episodes recorded on VHS. Yeah, I still watch them regularly during my morning workout. Always funny.

So this morning I'm watching the ever so deft riffing of the Bochco/Stevens hit Riding with Death (Episode 814). I always figured this movie to be a failed pilot for a Ben Murphy comeback. Alas, it turns out to be instead two episodes of Gemini Man stitched together as a failed pilot for a Ben Murphy comeback.

The point of this is that 1) two episodes of a TV show can make a movie (sort of), and 2) recycled elements  of other movies save you the cost of building sets for your movie; money to spend on talent (sort of).

But the producers must have figured that someone would notice, in time at least, that the sweeping shots of the computer room were cut from Colossus: The Forbin Project? Yes! the opening establishing shots of the computer room, where all the top secret data on Sam Casey is kept, are cut straight from Colossus. The Guardian logo—Guardian is the Russian AI that joins with Colossus to rule the world—can be seen clearly on the side of a terminal.

I felt that this was such important mind numbing trivia about Riding with Death it should not be lost. I recorded it for posterity in Wikipedia.

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Sunday, 3 September 2006

Dungeon dwelling

Basement finishing continues, promising to fill this long weekend and abating only during the short work week ahead.

I can now report that the drywall is well over 80% complete, only one wall left (yes, that would be only 75%, but consider too that the ceiling should be included). Taping, mud and sanding still a daunting task ahead.

My wife hopes to lock me down here, leaving me to my gaming, my code, and my coffee. 

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Saturday, 2 September 2006

Movie queue

Blade: Trinity was on deck this weekend. Denied! The rented unrated two-disc set did not have the movie disc! Hold your cat calls, I wasn't expecting fine cinema, but just mindless vamp violence. Blade was great, Blade II was only tolerable but an interesting sequel. Blade: Trinity was rented for no other reason than to close the Blade chapter, and waste two hours of my life watching Jennifer Biel in leather with bow and silver-tipped arrows; not necessarily a bad thing.

So I returned the half movie, and rented two completely different titles. Blindspot: Hitler's Secretary and Star Trek: Nemesis. The latter, again, to close that chapter; I didn't see it in the theaters. It was a good chapter. The former to satisfy the WWII history buff in me. Blindspot too is a good title. In German, with English subtitles as an option. It is worth a look if you too enjoy history.

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Friday, 1 September 2006

Know when to fold 'em

It comes down to this. If I’m wrong, it’d be worth $1099 to know that MacBook users are in fact at risk. And if I’m right, someone needs to call Maynor and Ellch on their bullshit.

Excellent. John Gruber is calling Maynor and Jon "Johnny Cache" Elich out.

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