Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Red Cog LLC opens doors

David Czarnecki has taken blojsom to the next level in FLOSS and is now offering professional blojsom support and development through Red Cog LLC.

blojsom is a blog engine written in Java and highly extensible through its plugin interface and by the very nature of the mature Java API and body of open and commercial libraries. blojsom was picked by Apple to power its Weblog Server in Tiger and will be part of the expanded Collaboration Services in Leopard.

blojsom 2.x relies on a simple, yet robust, file system "database," while the new blojsom 3.x builds on the more scalable and enterprise-ready model with true database backend. blojsom 3.x further builds on its Java foundation with Hibernate and Spring integration for greater extensibility.

Kudos to David and blojsom's rise. I'm a long time follower, user, deployer, and administrator of blojsom (and simple developer of a plugin or two) and could not be happier about the announcement! 

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