Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Splogs must die

Back in the day of the web bubble, c. 2000, affiliate linking was trying to find its legs, but the web still possessed an innocence. I worked for in a 6 person company out of a cheap office mall in GA. The company rebranded Netscape, sold "Internet service" through some wierd co-location deal, and provided an "online mall" that was just a pile of 88x32 badges. The mall was more of a courtesy to the subscribers than a true affiliate had a lot of "Wow, look what's on the web! Go here and buy some wine!" feel about it.

Today, we have splogs giving legitimate affiliate networks a bad name. It makes me skeptical about even providing the links I have to books I might be reading in my posts using the affiliate systems available to web content writers/coders/developers.

Wired currently (article too new, not online yet) has a well written piece on the growth of sploggers and sportals. The funniest thing is how these people "cringe" at being labeled a splogger. Already they have a softer, PC name for themselves: search engine marketers. <cough />bullshit<cough />

I'm all about free markets and capitalism, and if the market labels and recognizes a group of businessmen and businesswomen operating at the fringe, attempting to manipulate data for profit, then no amount of polish is going to make me feel better about what they do. Call it like you see it, fuck the PC police. They are sploggers building sportals to manipulate data for profit.

I wish the best to all those fighting sploggers on many fronts. Those fighters make the web a better place for all of us, if only a little at a time.


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