Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Old school

I scanned the cover of my—has to be mint condition—first edition WFRP rulebook.  Enjoy.

Working on my second pot of coffee today. Thinking about the slug for my gaming category too much, me thinks. d20 wasn't right since the category is leans heavy on WFRP which relies on the d10 for, well, everything. blojsom let me change that without changing the underlying filesystem. Yea. I might too avoid a cease-and-desist letter from WotC. Double Yea.

Found some good resources for WFRP at Strike to Stun. Mostly wanted some first edition conversion tools, found that and more.

Finally, unrelated to gaming, I'm reconsidering my move to the TinyMCE by moxiecode. Editing meta-data for posts is not possible with the editor out-of-the-box. I'll have too see if there is a non-optimized HTML code setting, i.e., don't strip my line-endings, they delineate meta-data strings in blojsom's file-backed entries.


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