Wednesday, 16 August 2006

WFRP core rulebook in hand

I now have my WFRP rulebook in hand.

Overall note: the packaging is excellent; the streamlining of the rule set is immediately apparent, and welcome; the careers got a workover, also welcome; expanded magic rules (the first edition was very limited); the grim world of perilous adventure is carefully thought out.

I'm looking forward to running a campaign or set of adventures with some friends and co-workers. Yes, this makes me a true geek. 

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BBEdit love

I don't expect that many readers know the joy of working in BBEdit.

When I'm not using vim, I'm using BBEdit, because it doesn't suck. John Gruber of (don't use the "www", it makes John mad) used to work at Bare Bones Software. The corporate propaganda of his day had the results of a survey (c. 1998) about the tools web designers used. That survey stated something along the lines that "50-some percent of web designers were BBEdit users. Not 50 percent of Mac-using web designers, but 50 percent of all web designers." An impressive stat, if it is taken at its face (considering that Gruber conceeds that he can produce the actual survey).

Anyhow, I built Subversion on my Mac. By accident today, I noticed, not for any knowledge of a feature that I was aware of, but BBEdit has support for Subversion, right in the menu! Schweet. (Yes, I know it supports CVS too.)

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