Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Restarting Apache on reboot

My VPS host box has had a few reboots in the last several months.

That aside, I have had to tweak my init scripts each time. Specifically, my httpd and tomcat scripts.

My httpd script is a hacked version of what is installed with most typical Fedora releases. I generally build Apache with each release to stay current (yeah, stop yer screaming, I play nice on my VPS).

The last reboot went almost unnoticed, until I tried to log in to this blog. My secure virtual host was not answering. I went poking around. My init script did not set the runtime parameter SSL, so the virtual host did not come up. Seems that the init script could support such a thing if I wanted to either of the following:

  1. Hard code "-D SSL" in the call to daemon
  2. Set the OPTIONS variable appropriately

I chose the latter. The OPTIONS variable is set in /etc/sysconfig/httpd, that is if that file is available. The files existence is tested in the httpd init script. This is a fairly common Fedora method of configuring services.

It then became a matter of:

# touch /etc/sysconfig/httpd
# vi !$

All as root of course. You may want to consider looking at your Apache configuration to see if you support SSL, and then possibly consider blocking those SSL directives to load only as needed (see the IfDefine and IfModule directives). 

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NetBeans and Subversion

Yesterday, I vented a little about a lack of integrated Subversion support in NetBeans.

My anger stemmed from the stale state of the "website" dedicated to the integration. However stale that web page is, there is indeed more current information out there. Specifically, on the project mailing list (copied to nbusers, of which I'm a member!).

I owe a minor apology to NetBeans developers that have been hard at work on Subversion integration. First for not at least hitting Spotlight in my nbusers archive, and second for not paying a little more attention to the web page itself and looking around a bit (but I'm only going to apologize for my lazy behavior, and I still hold the project leaders for not making the status of the project clear on the home page).

That all said, I'm downloading NetBean 5.5 to see what I can see of the NetBeans support for Subversion. I'm a very excited geek. 

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