Monday, 7 August 2006

XML-RPC is hard, et cetera

A few of things have me as angry as Lewis Black on a Monday morning without coffee and a newspaper.

Apparently, Microsoft intends on pushing the stick through the instrument panel, sending IE into an unrecoverable market share tail spin. Personally, I welcome the crash and burn of IE; the flip side is of course the winner gets the higher profile for crackers. Yet, I one better than Microsoft shill Paul Thurrott to tell it like it is. Very disappointing really. A Firefox/Safari user first, IE user by necessity, I looked forward to IE 7 helping me make things easier at my job. Maybe IE's marginalization will be a blessing in reality.

Second, downloaded Flock to give it a spin. WTF people, is XML-RPC really that hard? The build still has a broken implementation of the MetaWeblogAPI, the details are here... I think what sets me off about this is that the problem has been known for nearly 10 months, the MetaWeblogAPI is very well documented, and Dashboard widgets (Mac OS X user context required) have been doing it for more than a year!

Lastly, NetBeans is going to feel the pain of not having a full support for Subversion version control, integrated or in a full-fledge-not-beta module form, in short order. The advancements of Subversion in various areas should make its integration a breeze by comparison to CVS (but then again I would never be up to such a task, so I should just STFU, but then this wouldn't be a blog).

Alas, NetBeans has nothing but beta modules and a stale webpage on Subversion integration development status1—the Flash demo is promising though. I think Subversion support would go a long way for NetBeans adoption; I would hate to see NetBeans head into a tail spin...

meta-footnote-1=Retracted. See NetBeans and Subversion for an update.
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