Friday, 4 August 2006

Local economy flush and initial impressions

A coworker and I walked into Days of Knights this evening and walked out with slightly more than 200 dollars of WFRP and other assorted game material.

I'm impressed with array of gaming at the Days of Knights. I was very impressed with the array of older games from my youth, many still shrinked wrapped! All reasonably priced.

Paranoia is back out; looks as funny now as it did in the late 80s. I think they kept the original artist(s). Kudos! :D

But we were there for WFRP. Fully stocked, but in a limited manner, about a single copy of everything in circulation. I purchased the Game Master and Character packs and passed on the core rule book until next week, allowing my coworker, a WFRP newcomer, the purchase.

Notes on the GM pack

Having on hand the original rule book, and deferring you to this excellent review of WFRP 2nd ed. by Richard Cowen on for the gory details, I immediately noted the old and the new. The old source material on common Old World buildings from the original rule book have been moved to this supplement. Clearly the reason is to drive revenue channels. No fault or blame to GW for this; profits drive continued expansion.

I want a firmer board stock for the GM panels, the stock seems light weight compared to screens of my youth. Cheaper stock, higher profit margins. :) The art is fantastic though.

Immediately, I noted the simpler critical hit charts in the 2nd ed. The rich detail of these charts in the 1st ed. is missing somewhat. Boo, but more is left to the GM and players imagination.

Notes on the Character Pack

Now, I wish I had the core rulebook. There is a simplification of the character sheet immediately noticable. This simplification is detailed in the aforementioned review, no need to repeat it. A character supplement is provided as in the first release; I have not had a moment to hash through the details for comparasion. Maybe another day.

All around, this looks like a good supplement. Nothing that stands out as new and improved, or lacking from the original, considering the context that new rules demand new presentation. I've scanned the two sheets, old and new, for comparison.

Those are my initial impressions. Hopefully, if you're interested in this new release of WFRP as I am you will find my thoughts helpful. I included links to Barnes and Noble and Amazon for the books mentioned.

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Spend local

Tired of waiting for a mail order vendor to restock WFRP and ship my full order, I'm going to Days of Knights.

Game on.

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