Thursday, 15 June 2006

Why I never entered a spelling bee.

caffeinated, C-A-F-F-E-I-N-A-T-E-D, caffeinated.

Not caffeniated.

How this went 6 months I don't know. And no one told me. You laughed and said nothing. Told your friends, laughed some more, and still said nothing. :D

Anyway I found it by accident. My employeer is hosting a World Cup of Coffee. A inter-department coffee tasting. In signing up, I had to actually spell it in an email. Apple Mail kindly prompted me that caffeinated was misspelled. Alarms went off and here I am today blogging about it.

A misspelling like this has some repercussions that go deep into server configuration. Apache handles this easily enough; ServerAlias or mod_rewrite, even mod_alias, will get the job done. Email is hosted, so I'll be correcting that as soon as the new domain propagates.

Remember how I said I need a blog tool that highlights my misspellings? I need that tool. ~o)

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