Thursday, 25 May 2006


I finally got FC5 on my toy rig. Toy? Yes. Let’s look at the specs: Gateway, Pentium 366, 160MB RAM (up from an original 32MB), 20GB HDD (replaced the 2.1GB HDD), 56X CD-ROM (swapped out the original 8X), pre-1998 BIOS, no DMA, Ethernet (an add, not available when shipped).

It was a bitch too. The ISOs would not complete an install, stopped consistently with python errors on memory resources. I did learn, in the many failed attempts, that 160MB is at least near the bottom limit for a graphic install, 128MB won’t do it.

Four days later, I had about given up on having the newest release of Fedora, when I stumbled on the idea of a yum-based install. I thought to myself, “of course, make the end run around.”

This morning I woke up to a completed yum-based install of FC5.

Basically, I followed the direction of Brandon Hutchinson’s guide, as follows, starting with a fresh install of FC4:

  1. Upgrade to the newest FC4 kernel release
    # yum -y kernel
  2. # yum info kernel
    ...determine which kernels are installed...
    # yum remove [all kernels less than latest]
  3. At this point I turned off SELinux, just to be sure it was off.
  4. # reboot
  5. I installed the newest fedora-release package per Brandon’s guide.
  6. # yum -y upgrade
  7. At this point, either watch the excrutiatingly boring upgrade, get some exercise, coffee, beer, liquor, brunch, lunch, dinner, sleep, or sex (depending on the access to, or availability of, said distractions; I always prefer the last over any of the others).

Reboot after the upgrade and bask in the glow of the terminal that is FC5.

If nothing else, it was, is, an administrative exercise with Linux. It’s a good learning experience when starting with a clean slate.

And I’m excepting donations for new rig, looking at sub $1000 dual core AMD rigs, no monitor necessary, if you feel sufficently sorry for the state of my current rig.

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