Wednesday, 10 May 2006

the zsh

I’m contemplating a switch to zsh. Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

The zsh seems to be getting a lot of attention of late, or it seems that way. Today, my choice is tcsh on my Mac systems (it was the default in the original builds of Mac OS X, and since DP4 was my first regular use of a BSD system, I built some solid understanding of tcsh).

tcsh’s big drawback is a lack of function/scripting support. Yeah, there are workarounds, but I’ve generally learned to live without it.

I just ordered From Bash to Z Shell: Conquering the Command Line. Jerry Peek (is||was) the“ Power Tools” columnist for Linux Magazine, Martin Streicher is the editor of Linux Magazine. Should be a good reference.

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Fedora bloat, or LSB

Fedora’s bloat seems to stem from the Linux Standard Base (LSB) initiative.

A fairly standard install will satisfy a ton of dependancies defined for the LSB. My inherited system is the definition of legacy; I need less, not more. Come on, sendmail!? I don't need a smtp-server.Do subsystems like cron and logwatch need it? Can anyone answer that? Subversion and CVS. I’m sure Subversion is great, but I’m a CVS man, I don’t need no new fangled version repository.

Bottom line, I don’t want to be the bitch of Fedora, I want a Fedora that is my bitch, tattooed…with a toe ring. I think some of my install bloat stems from a lagging text installer (compared to the graphical installer). I will shortly blog about the text installer—if only briefly about a missing screen (step) or two I’m fairly sure are in the graphical installer.

Okay, I’ll continue to clean up my install a bit and then get to work, and promise to make this less of a bitch feed and more of a log about configuring my system in a manner for broad Java development.

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