Tuesday, 9 May 2006


Does Fedora has a serious bloat problem?

I don’t have a CD-R, why then install cdrecord? Dependency? Maybe. But damn, I’m fairly sure I didn’t ask for it, deliberately.

WTF? mozilla? I’m not running any GUI. I know I specifically unchecked “Graphical Internet.”

Moral: read /root/install.log after your install.

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Too much coffee today.

My blather with another coworker today about Fedora Core 5 (the latest offering from the Fedora Project), reminded me of a long thought about category for my ongoing mad experimentation and adventures with Linux.

My oft talked about development box (the one that needs the upgrades) is a Linux box. So, here’s my new category feed.

I’ll be regularly adding my adventures about my use of Linux here, maybe it will be helpful to someone…n00bs most likely.

For instance, I installed FC5 overnight on the box. Full drive wipe and clean install. I have yet to firewall the box and reboot, but I’m hoping to make this category something a notebook for those “someones” I just mentioned.

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International iPod

iPod owners get together and share your ideas, questions, tips and thoughts. You might find out something that you didn’t know about your iPod or accessory.

My coworker and I were chatting about car radios and the Griffin iTrip performance or lack of performance. Since I swear by my wife’s iTrip mini, I got the iTrip for the 5g iPod and, well, have been less than happy (but I blame that in part on the shitty radio my Toyota sedan has in it and the otherwise full spectrum FM offerings in my area.)

But a visit to Griffin Technology showed how to set the iTrip to “international mode” allowing a wider range of station settings, into part of the FM spectrum I know is all static for my area.

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Childhood diversions

My wife ordered the soundtrack to Hookwinked yesterday.

T-minus 36 hours to iPod portability. Schweet!

Ed. note: Don’t get it? Then you haven’t seen Hoodwinked. This movie is an example of what a good children’s movie should be. Cute, fuzzy animated animals and enjoyable characters bundled nicely with clever writing and original music the parents, or any adult, will enjoy. Oh, I should disclose that I recently joined both the Barnes and Noble and Amazon affiliate networks. Couldn't hurt to link from time to time to items one or the other offers, and make some coin at the same time.

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