Saturday, 6 May 2006

Simple PHP Blog and some feedback

Since not all hosts have Java available, in fact let's face it, unless you're willing to pay the premium, you ain't gittin' a caffeinated server.

So I turn to PHP often for work that I might be doing for someone. This does not make me a PHP evangelist, far from it. I'm a Java bigot. Scripting languages, with their loose typing and weak OO, just make me cringe.

Anyway, I mentioned Simple PHP Blog back in January (damn!). I continue to play with it, and have encountered another problem with it. This bug further highlights a couple of things that think the author/lead should take away and run with before going “1.0” (currently sphpblog is Specifically, Simple PHP Blog could learn these lessons from blojsom (and by extension bloxsom):

  1. Fix the “data format”.
    Pipe delimited is so wrong. A line delimited format would be far superior, self-documenting and much more human readable. A string of pipes quickly becomes jibberish.
  2. Build categories on the filesystem with folders/directories
    I can't possibly believe the pipe delimited, text formatted, text list is scalable.
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