Thursday, 13 April 2006


Today, a neighbor began causally dropping the titles (not the names) of high level government officials and a project he was moonlighting on as contractor. He wanted to show me some of the stuff, “but it contained top secret information”.

Hmmmm…yeah. Okay. See, I know what it is to or not to have clearance. Though I don't personally have any clearance, I know people who are actually, or were, cleared at very high levels. My best friend works for the NSA (oh, you bet he’s cleared; his dossier is twenty years thick with background). My father retired from the DOD moving the supplies that fueled the Armed Forces around the world (providing me a memory of being forcibly removed from a file room while at my father's place of work by MPs because I wasn’t cleared. I was 7!).

And what do both of these people have in common? They never drop names (or titles), or discuss the work they do, or did.

So, please, don’t tell me a story that smells it cooked overnight in a crock of bullshit, starting with the title dropping. Dude, at least drop some names!

He might be moonlighting for a three letter government agency, but he’s not privy to anything of national importance, much less information that is “two steps removed from the President.”

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