Wednesday, 29 March 2006

On styling... not design.

I moonlight developing websites (as if I don't get enough of that at work) for, well, whoever will pay me.

But I have a really hard time with clients that don't understand good style, or matching established style.

For example, when you build a website for a client that has an established marketing presence, should the website look like that presence or set new ground? I believe the former trumps the latter, unless you're willing to create confusion with your customers.

Now, take an existing website with a style that works, nothing is wrong with it. Do you try to match elements in the current style or go in another direction with ad hoc, garish elements reminecsent of 1995?

If you answer the latter, well, in my humble opinion, you're wrong. Although, I did see something on /. about ugly websites do just fine.

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