Friday, 17 March 2006


I completed the rebuild of my iMac G5 at work. The drive is partitioned. One HFS+, one HFSX. CVS checkouts work like a charm now.

Just what does a geek name his drives? After sci-fi starship drives, of course. Go ahead, groan. I know you wish you thought of it.

Yeah, yeah, the “drives” do the same thing, get you some place fast. And “WARP” is older than “FTL” (from a linear aspect). But I was never a Star Trek fan, and I haven't missed an episode of BSG. Thus, BSG gets“ top-billing.”

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Let’s all get lit and fight.

Speaking of getting lit, I got some absinthe, the new “real” stuff. From France. By the guy who decoded the original recipe.

It’s green. It has a green fairy. Supposedly menacing. It might be the perfect drink for St. Patty’s Day.

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