Friday, 10 March 2006

Make your own 3D pictures

meta-photo-album=desk_.jpg meta-photo-album-thumbnail=deskThumb.jpg

Since the Mars rover landings, I have been playing with this tutorial off and on.

My employer is undertaking a massive capital project. Here’s a homemade 3D pic of the construction from my office window.

You need red-cyan glasses to effectively view this picture. You can get them from various places online, or steal a pair from your 3 year old’s copy of Shrek 3-D.

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Not much for MMORPG, but EVE...

…is visually stunning.

Back in my days as an teenager, RPGs were a blast (I think I already stated my affection for PnP RPGs to this day). But good, even pulp sci-fi, grabbed my attention. I could go on a google dive for some of the cheap sci-fi books and artists I used to admire, but it could be futile. One favorite book series—hard-cover magazine format, usually anthologies with glossy paper and always bad binding—comes to mind as I browse the wallpapers, screenshots, and concept art of EVE.

Ben Franklin wrote, "Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices." It is this reason I try to stay away from MMORPGs.

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