Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Awake. Again.

Many caffeinated days have passed quietly on ACD.

The main thing keeping me away was an upgrade to the photo album plugin (“SimplePhotoAlbumPlugin” ) I was using.

It seems a new version had several bugs which should have been simple to hash out, yet I spent more time ferreting those bugs out than I care to admit--all the while it was broken in "production!" In the time spent working on the bugs, I refactored the whole plugin (not sure for the better, but the branching is cleaner, if not only clearer), and the plugin now supports photo albums spec’d as a comma-separated list in the meta-data (meta-photo-album-list). This new feature is something that would allow a user to load a bunch of photos to an album (defined as a directory on the host filesystem) and incrementally reveal them by updating the meta-data.

The plugin is still not public, but will be soon. It will be made available on the blojsom wiki. With some appropriate documentation of course.

Tilt-shifting meme now displays the picture as I originally intended.

Posted by caffeinated at 8:32 PM in experimental madness
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