Thursday, 23 February 2006

It's technical, not political, stupid


I got an email today from a leading Linux mag (I was a former subscriber, but that is unrelated to what follows next).

The beginning of the email had the expected editorial. What was not expected was the political, anti-Google, and yeah, anti-Bush, rant.

Is it so hard to want a technical communiqué to remain technical and not find it burdened with a political rant about censorship or bitterness? I don't think so.

Yes, censorship is wrong: maybe Google took the low road and ceded freedoms for market dominance, but they are working in markets that don't always fit into a nice, utopian, picture of the world.

Yes, Bush missed the boat (pun intended) on port management by the UAE, a government not exactly helping the US on all fronts (4.5 SEARCHING FOR FRESH OPTIONS) against an enemy that would certianly establish the anti-utopia.

But neither positions are technical, or at the very least about Linux. So, you want to rant about how your daughter's XP Home laptop started sending SPAM, how your ISP shut off your connection because of it then contrast it with how your Linux boxes don't have this problem? Sure. At least there's a thread there.

And so I voted, in my own special way, and unsubscribed from the email list. I'll find new email lists with as good, or better, Linux information, sans the political commentary.

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