Thursday, 16 February 2006

The Penny Arcade and Hot Fun

I love this online comic.

I don’t even play these games. Zero. Don’t own a console. Don’t subscribe to a MMORPG. Yet this comic makes me laugh every time.

The underlying story of course is that I “relate” on a level that is mainly about background.

I love pencil and paper games. The real AD&D. Shadowrun (selling most of it on eBay recently made me 400 bucks). Warhammer FRP (which I still have, and won’t sell).

Allow me to share this email from the author of Pro Apache, Peter Wainwright, to me about the “secret code” I cracked in that tome:

+++ATTN TIM-O-THY-1+++
Congratulations, Troubleshooter! You have correctly decoded the
secret message in Red-clearance dossier 'Professional Apache 2.0'.
Your diligent attention to detail earns you a promotion to Green

However, the secret message is classified Blue clearance. Please
report to your nearest Termination Booth immediately, which will be
happy to help you realign your career to serve the Computer in your
new role as Hot Fun for loyal citizens of Alpha Complex.

Special bonus: Report within one hour and qualify for double rations
of Hot Fun!

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