Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Mac OS X (10.4.5) and missing memory?

I’ll have to wait for my daily MacFixIt digest, but it seems that I had a DIMM go bad or 10.4.5 is marking a DIMM bad, and bad==empty in some low level OS response mechanism.

No other way to put it than the Lower Slot on my PB G4 AlBook is reported as “Empty.”

Folks, it ain’t empty.


If you have been following this thread, I'm updating in the comments.

It’s back to the Apple Store today to ask the simple question: “Did you hook up the power supply?”

BTW, I have noticed in the recent visits a lot of Intel boxes on the Genius Bar, as in Dell and HP towers, assumingly in for repairs. Are there a lot of consumers trying Mac OS X on non-Apple Intel? I think not... but who brings their otherwise Wintel box to an Apple Store Genius Bar for repairs?

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Comment: mikegrb at Tue, 14 Feb 10:30 PM

How recent was it that you updated to 10.4.5? There are other posts around the net that other people have seen 10.4.5 cause their DIMM slot to become unusable.

Comment: Caffeniated at Wed, 15 Feb 2:13 PM

Indeed. Alas, it is much worse. The DIMM is fine. The lower slot itself has gone.

This is not an unknown issue in my AlBook (that's A-ell, as in Aluminum, as in if Titanium can use its periodic notation, so can Aluminum) apparently. Seven days out of warranty, my 'book slip in the extended "we know about this problem, but it doesn't warrant a recall" warranty program.

The logic board is being replaced as we speak.

Comment: Caffeniated at Wed, 15 Feb 8:17 PM


The saga is not finished. Got a whole new logic board. I have my full 1GB of RAM, but my battery won't charge now, and the power adapter is not being recognized.

Back to the Apple Store.

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