Thursday, 2 February 2006

New toy

meta-photo-album-thumbnail=southrimwideThumb.jpg meta-photo-album=/spg

The SimplePhotoAlbumPlugin is now in use.

It's configuration is a bit rough on a new install. I'll see if I can clean that up a bit.

It uses meta-data to peek at the filesystem and get image information to load as a thumbnail and in the permalinks of the blog.

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Experiment: plugin chains and scode

The concept of plugin chains for blojsom will not be covered here, but instead here. If you're not using blojsom, then all of this is moot.

Move along now. Thank you.

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NetBeans 5.0 is out

That’s right. Your editor-in-chief of Another Caffeniated Day never jumped on the bandwagon for “that other IDE.” (for the life of me I can’t think of its name… :))

NB 5 looks good. Honestly, though, I’m not much for these big IDEs. Most of my development is in vi or a specialized text editor; this stems from the fact I’m usually looking at legacy code or an open source project where the enhancements can be handled at the CLI and in a good code editor.

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