Sunday, 26 February 2006

That's why I'm covered in sawdust!

I recently purchased a compound miter to do some trim work in the kitchen.

Not top of the line, i.e., no laser guides or positive bevel stops, but a good 10" saw.

The saw comes with a dust bag. Now, as a consumer, not a professional, I believed that this dust bag would catch a fair share of the sawdust produced by the saw...HA!

The online FAQ reveals the following: "The dust bag is design to catch only 5% of all sawdust."

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Thursday, 23 February 2006

It's technical, not political, stupid


I got an email today from a leading Linux mag (I was a former subscriber, but that is unrelated to what follows next).

The beginning of the email had the expected editorial. What was not expected was the political, anti-Google, and yeah, anti-Bush, rant.

Is it so hard to want a technical communiqué to remain technical and not find it burdened with a political rant about censorship or bitterness? I don't think so.

Yes, censorship is wrong: maybe Google took the low road and ceded freedoms for market dominance, but they are working in markets that don't always fit into a nice, utopian, picture of the world.

Yes, Bush missed the boat (pun intended) on port management by the UAE, a government not exactly helping the US on all fronts (4.5 SEARCHING FOR FRESH OPTIONS) against an enemy that would certianly establish the anti-utopia.

But neither positions are technical, or at the very least about Linux. So, you want to rant about how your daughter's XP Home laptop started sending SPAM, how your ISP shut off your connection because of it then contrast it with how your Linux boxes don't have this problem? Sure. At least there's a thread there.

And so I voted, in my own special way, and unsubscribed from the email list. I'll find new email lists with as good, or better, Linux information, sans the political commentary.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Servlet Specification

Okay, I should read the specification. I will read the specification. Please don't remind me. :)

The HFS&JSP chapter exams answer keys have sidebar scribbles noting the page of the Servlet spec applicable. Very helpful.

The spec has been very enlightening the few times I've actually looked at it before. Not to dry, but to the point.

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Monday, 20 February 2006

Head First deployment

One aspect of studying for the SCWCD exam with Head First is how it subtly drills webapp deployment into your head.

While it might be tempting to just start automating it in an IDE, like NetBeans, the command line compiling, directory layout, Tomcat pushes, restarts, etc. have the added benefit of getting the reader to understand how it all is suppose to work.

I love it. Have I mentioned that I'm a geek?

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When to set response headers...

The simple answer is: ...always before you flush your response to the client.

In studying for the SCWCD exam I was left with the impression that if you attempted to play with the response after it was committed, a java.lang.IllegalStateException would be thrown.

No! Do not let this trip you up on the exam.

For instance, below is some code I came across that had me saying "Whoa! this is going to throw an IllegalStateException. Danger Will Robinson!"

  ServletOutputStream out = response.getOutputStream();

  // set headers

So as it turns out nothing was happening. I thought that the ISE was being skirted because headers are buffered and the default buffer size was just large enough...but it was a poster on JavaRanch that clued me in.

The Servlet specification answers the question quite clearly: headers set after the response is committed (javax.servlet.ServletResponse#isCommitted()) are simply ignored. (see SRV 5.2)

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Sunday, 19 February 2006


I’m installing Mac OS X Tiger on my wife’s iBook G4.

There is an odd familiarity to this install that I attribute to my many installs of Linux and BSD. Despite the interface that is pure perfection on Apple’s part I see what is happening behind the scenes and it comforts me in a geek sorta way.


No issues on the upgrade. Installed and customized. Noone has a smoother install than Apple.

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Thursday, 16 February 2006

The Penny Arcade and Hot Fun

I love this online comic.

I don’t even play these games. Zero. Don’t own a console. Don’t subscribe to a MMORPG. Yet this comic makes me laugh every time.

The underlying story of course is that I “relate” on a level that is mainly about background.

I love pencil and paper games. The real AD&D. Shadowrun (selling most of it on eBay recently made me 400 bucks). Warhammer FRP (which I still have, and won’t sell).

Allow me to share this email from the author of Pro Apache, Peter Wainwright, to me about the “secret code” I cracked in that tome:

+++ATTN TIM-O-THY-1+++
Congratulations, Troubleshooter! You have correctly decoded the
secret message in Red-clearance dossier 'Professional Apache 2.0'.
Your diligent attention to detail earns you a promotion to Green

However, the secret message is classified Blue clearance. Please
report to your nearest Termination Booth immediately, which will be
happy to help you realign your career to serve the Computer in your
new role as Hot Fun for loyal citizens of Alpha Complex.

Special bonus: Report within one hour and qualify for double rations
of Hot Fun!

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Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Mac OS X (10.4.5) and missing memory?

I’ll have to wait for my daily MacFixIt digest, but it seems that I had a DIMM go bad or 10.4.5 is marking a DIMM bad, and bad==empty in some low level OS response mechanism.

No other way to put it than the Lower Slot on my PB G4 AlBook is reported as “Empty.”

Folks, it ain’t empty.


If you have been following this thread, I'm updating in the comments.

It’s back to the Apple Store today to ask the simple question: “Did you hook up the power supply?”

BTW, I have noticed in the recent visits a lot of Intel boxes on the Genius Bar, as in Dell and HP towers, assumingly in for repairs. Are there a lot of consumers trying Mac OS X on non-Apple Intel? I think not... but who brings their otherwise Wintel box to an Apple Store Genius Bar for repairs?

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Monday, 6 February 2006

HttpServlet API

Well, for the last several days I have been following the guidance of “meta-cognition” and really reading what there is to know about the request and response model of the Servlet API for the SCWCD exam. About 5–6 pages a day with some review.

Aside from some vocabulary expansion I closed the chapter with the mock exam, learning that I need to study the Servlet API/class diagrams/inheritance much more before taking the real exam.

And commit it to memory! I missed some obvious questions (without looking back at the material of course) solely because I didn't study the class diagrams more closely in the book.

Your word of the day: idempotence.

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Sunday, 5 February 2006

Development environments

I really need to spend some time reworking the development environment(s) I have orbiting me.

My PowerBook is a rather mobile one. Completely out of sync with what I do, but still at least the little bit relative for the hacking I do.

I also have an old Gateway P2 366 :D that hums along under my desk running FC4. It houses a CVS repository, and current versions of Apache (2.0.54), Tomcat (5.0.28) and Java 2 (1.4, and 1.5; though the latter is not "homed" to call it in use).

Maybe in the next few days I'll give it a go and clean all of this up. Sync my Apaches and Tomcats (I really want to give Apache 2.2 a go with its new mod_proxy support for AJP1.3, I could really get my geek on for one less "connector" headache).

Tiger on Tiger is possible (Java 1.5 on Mac OS 10.4.x for the unenlightened) so I should be doing that too.

Clean and archive all of the old, dying or dead project files...

Oh, this is all even too much geek for this geek.

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Friday, 3 February 2006

blojsom update

ACD got the new blojsom codebase last night. By all benchmarks, a smooth upgrade.

Kudos, to blojsom’s creator and lead developer, David Czarnecki.

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Thursday, 2 February 2006

New toy

meta-photo-album-thumbnail=southrimwideThumb.jpg meta-photo-album=/spg

The SimplePhotoAlbumPlugin is now in use.

It's configuration is a bit rough on a new install. I'll see if I can clean that up a bit.

It uses meta-data to peek at the filesystem and get image information to load as a thumbnail and in the permalinks of the blog.

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Experiment: plugin chains and scode

The concept of plugin chains for blojsom will not be covered here, but instead here. If you're not using blojsom, then all of this is moot.

Move along now. Thank you.

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NetBeans 5.0 is out

That’s right. Your editor-in-chief of Another Caffeniated Day never jumped on the bandwagon for “that other IDE.” (for the life of me I can’t think of its name… :))

NB 5 looks good. Honestly, though, I’m not much for these big IDEs. Most of my development is in vi or a specialized text editor; this stems from the fact I’m usually looking at legacy code or an open source project where the enhancements can be handled at the CLI and in a good code editor.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Dreaming in code

Three days of studying for the SCWCD exam and I’m already dreaming in code.

The conventional wisdom is that when you begin to “dream in x” (whatever x might be), you have achieved some foundation of understanding in x.

Maybe the last three days have been all review for me around HTTP, Servlet containers, Apache, Tomcat, deployment descriptors, etc., but I look at this nocturnal development as a good thing. Have I told you that I’m a geek?

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