Sunday, 29 January 2006

The Journey Begins

I picked up Head First Servlets & JSP. Great book! I love the irreverant writing and the learning philosophy, meta-cognition.

Lots of questions. A mock exam. Puzzles. Sidebars. Thinking games. Satire. Pro UNIX/BSD. Tomcat.

Chapter 1 is a solid review of HTTP and HTML. There is a good introduction to Tomcat deployment actually in this first chapter, just to satisfy the impatient. Nothing I’m not already familiar with actually, but a good review of the foundations of what makes it all work while introducting Objective 1.1 of the SCWCD exam.

The authors love one thing: beer. And maybe one other, I’ll let you work out this puzzle: what’s with all the 4:20 references, there’s even a 24 hour clock 4:20 reference (16:20:01)! Too many happy coders on the slopes out there in CO? I think! :)

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