Wednesday, 25 January 2006


I'm in the process of designing and implementing YAFB1 for an old friend. Unlike myself, he is not likely going to drop an annual fee to a host for a VPS.

So I picked SPHPBlog2, or Simple PHP Blog. Open source, well-written (some of the best PHP I’ve had the pleasure to work with, i.e. it’s not OSCommerce), themable.

sPhpBlog takes its cues from blosxom and blojsom. Flatfile entries and the like. The developers really makes sphpblog easy to install: 1) most hosts have PHP features, 2) unzip, run setup and start blogging. The most difficult, but I respect the reasons, is configuring the user name and password. You have to copy and paste the resulting PHP code into a text doc, save it as a .php file and upload it. I think this is good security measure (as long as you don’t upload it over a clear text channel…I mean, come on, aren’t you always using SFTP/SSH/SCP too?)

I'm about to test the trackback facilities of sPhpBlog. My first test did not work.

Update:So trackbacks are broken in of sPhpBlog. WTF? Why even display options or links? I turned off the display option. Sadness.

  1. [1] YAFB, n. abbr., Yet Another Family Blog

  2. [2] SPHPBlog

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