Saturday, 10 March 2007

GM Jargon

I'm hoping Martin over at Treasure Tables takes his glossary of GM Terms, 2.0, and codifies it somehow…with a wiki, or other user-editable format.

Some of the terms missed in the comments, though possibly on some other format, or maybe a bit dating (of me, if noone else):

Monty Hall (DM||Campaign)
A campaign- or DM-style of play where treasures exceeds action or XP advances characters too quickly. From the gameshow Let’s Make A Deal and its host, Monty Hall.

Rules Lawyer
A GM or player well versed in every rule, be they from core and/or supplement rulebooks, that [the rules] are always “on the table” in adjudicating game play. May result in an Emergency Break [sic]

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Comment: Martin Ralya at Sat, 10 Mar 9:36 AM

I thought about using a wiki, especially this time around, but opted against it for two reasons.

The first is that the barrier to leaving a comment is very low, and a lot more readers have responded to the post than would have signed up for the wiki, figured out the syntax and put definitions there.

The second is that I want to have editorial control over the definitions -- not because I'm on a power trip. or because I don't like collaboration (both of which should be pretty obviously untrue based on how I run TT), but because I think the glossary will be better for having a unified voice, style and format.

Do you mind if I consider your definitions for inclusion in the glossary, Joe?

Comment: Joe Caffeinated at Sat, 10 Mar 8:40 PM

I would be honored to have my terms included in the "GM Jargon Glossary" at Treasure Tables.

To say they are "my" terms is a bit overstating credit, but please include them!

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