Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Y is for Baragor Yorrisson

Baragor Yorrisson, of Clan Dronaz, is the emissary of Lord Thungni to Helmgart and the Empire.

In the Grey Mountains few dwarven holds remain. If there was a dwarven frontier, the Grey Mountains would be labeled as such. Numerous clans still eek out an existence in the high crags that form the border between Bretonnia and the Empire. 

Dronaz calls Morlenfurt home where a healthly silver mining operation has made them rich. Yorrisson moved to Helmgart as part of an effort by the Imperial court rebuild the city in the Axe Bite Pass. 

Today, Yorrisson is reportedly one of the richest dwarves in known in recent history. He was present when the star fall in Axe Bite Pass. His leadership led numerous dwarves into the pass to reopen it and survey the mountains for star metal. 

Yorrisson's find raised not only his status and the status of his clan and reopened the pass for trade. He is seen often with the Markgraf in Helmgart.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

X is for Xa'rataes'm

Xa'rataes'm1 was a minor daemon of the Chaos pantheon dedicated to Khorne, the god of Murder.

Xa'rataes'm was generally known to the citizens of Ubersreik as the Angel of Justice. Whether Xa'rataes'm knew of this given name is not known. It is suspected that as daemons go it may have been mentally impaired and quick to follow commands by mortals.

The Angel of Justice has not been seen for more then a decade in Ubersreik.

  1. [1] Xa'rataes'm. Another daemon name for A-to-Z. X is such a hard letter every year. The daemon name generator is always a short cut.

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Monday, 27 April 2015

W is for Waldemar

Waldemar is a gambler and swordsman frequently found in various dives and inns of questionable reputation near Stimmigen and Ubersreik. In the tales of the Heroes of Helmgart, Waldemar was first met in the barely a tavern known as The Bucket playing cards with Max the Halfling and Ludovic the Troubadour .

Waldemar, accused by a drunk of cheating, in part possibly hinted at by Ludovic, defended himself, if passively, by allowing the drunk to trip and fall into his drawn rapier. The fight escalated as the drunk's confederates pressed a drunken assault.

The owner of The Bucket has been heard recounting Waldemar's swordsmanship as deftly sidestepping or tripping the drunks and then running them through. Waldemar allegedly left a single shilling with the barmaid, to help with cleanup.

It is often speculated that by readers of the translation of the high elf's journal1 that this barmaid stole the heart of Ludovic and later Ludovic would name his boat for her, Bianca, as told in later translated volumes.

Waldemar's whereabouts are unknown today.

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

V is for House Valken von Reikland

"There is no House Valken."

Baron Valken von Reikland was always nothing more than a fantasy of Sir Ortolf Eiche of the Celestial College of Altdorf. Established to give cover to the magister and his research into lost artifacts of the pre-Sigmar era over 5000 years ago, the House Valken had all the trappings of nobility. Nobility that was carefully crafted by Magister Eiche.

Eiche, the estate "holdings," and the House Valken were burned by his servants over a decade ago when it is said that he was discovered to be in league Ruinous Powers of Chaos.

When asking about the house, the answer is naturally "there is no House Valken." But it is the body language and the contempt to be observed by the asker of the one that answers. 

There is no House Valken.

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Friday, 24 April 2015

U is for Ubersreik

"Much is said in the Empire about Ubersreik's past Geheimnisnacht observations, no?"

Ubersreik is bisected on the River Teufel in southwest Reikland between the Grey Mountains and the Reikwald. Most travelers to Ubersreik would have been puzzled by this question because no one outside of Ubersreik speaks of the Geheimnisnacht observations. Mostly because no one would be traveling near Geheimnisnacht. Being caught on the oft ill patrolled roads of the Empire on Geheimnisnacht is not something many plan for. Travelers have long since passed through Ubersreik before Morrslieb rises full on the Night of Mystery.

For almost a decade, Ubersreik observed Geheimnisnacht with the visit of the Angel of Justice. Exactly why the "angel" visited Ubersreik is the subject of much debate in taverns and in temples, but the citizens saw it as a purging of evil hearted men (and women) from the city.

The Angel of Justice as it turned out was a demon summoned by a coven of witches practicing a corrupted ritual. The demon was controlled by the witches and often the demon was sent on errands of murder, striking at citizen leaders that got too close to the truth of the coven.

The "Angel" has not been seen in Ubersreik for almost a decade. Some Verenans believe that the Heroes of Helmgart eliminated the coven when Der Bär's wife was found to have established and directed the coven from her husband's estate.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

T is for Tegort

Tegort is typical of most Empire fostered Ogres: big, hungry, and tame, mostly. Raised with his kin in the docks of Altdorf, Tegort worked as a porter unloading and loading boats arriving in Altdorf.

How he happened to meet the Heroes of Helmgart is told in the popular autobiographical volumes of one the heroes, a high elf, as translated by Magister Stehmahr Von Althausen.

It is said that Tegort was hired and acted as the bodyguard of one Maximillian Morningglory, a devout Halfling Sigmarite, now rumored to be in the "Renegade Crowns" of the Border Princes.

Tegort traveled far and wide with the heroes according to the translations. He was often a source of money troubles with the heroes trying to feed the ogre. Tegort was once almost drown by assassins in cloaks of wet rat fur (a passage of the translation that agitators in Altdorf claim proves the existence of the "Skaven" but censored by Imperial confederates of the race of "rat men"). Most notably is how often the Halfling ordered Tegort to the front of the line in many battles. Von Althausen suggests in many footnotes that the Halfling considered the Ogre fodder or a pin cushion (though this is without any supporting evidence in the translation and appears to be von Althausen's "academic reading" of the material).

Tegort returned to Altdorf according the journal. The journal makes no further mention of the Ogre, however translations have not been completed.

Some have sought out Tegort in the docks of Altdorf, but have never been successful in actually finding him. The translations of the heroes have never provided an identifiable trait to attribute to Tegort. His legend among enthusiasts of the elven journal grows with each volume.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

S is for Skalfkragella "Ella" Karginsdottir, Priestess of Valaya

"Ella went mad, friend. She watched Helmgart wallow in plague and probably watched it burn from the cliffs of the Grey Mountains. The dwarfs guard Durbermann's, curse him," the speaker pauses and spits in the dirt, "...quarry to keep the crazy Hexe far from us. Hopefully she starved up there.

Skalfkragella, or simply Ella, is a priestess of Valaya that disappeared in the cliffs over Helmgart. She went into the cliffs with the Heroes of Helmgart to seek a lost tome of healing that held a promise of curing the plague.

The tome indeed returned with the Heroes, but Ella was never seen again. Today, what really happened to Ella is a mystery. Rumors that she lives in the cliffs practicing hedge magic are told to scare children, but some take it very seriously. Some say she was killed in locating the tome. Others whisper she was murdered by the Heroes to claim credit for finding the tome.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

R is for Rutiger von Suderberg

Rutiger from Suderberg is the friendly proprietor of the aptly named Friendly Harbor, an inn, in Eldagsen on the River Delb.

His father is known locally as an antiquities collector favoring Dwarven items from the area around the Howling Hills, some of which grace the main hall of the tavern.

Rutiger insists on offering the finest, warmest baths on the river and dabbles in distilling grain into vodka. Though to hear him tell you of the craft of making vodka, his spirits are weak by most standards.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Q is for Durbermann and Son's Quarry

Durbermann's quarry is high in the Grey Mountains that rise in near shear cliffs to the north and south of Helmgart. Accessed from the Durbermann and Son's Stoneyard via steep switchbacks, the quarry is well-protected from threats by a high wall and tall buildings that over look the entire site. 

When the quarry was in use, its large rocks are loaded on sleds that were lowered by mule, ox and paid laborers that manage a complex set of block, tackle and wheel to lower the heavy sleds down the switchbacks to the stoneyard.

The quarry has all but been abandoned today. Durbermann was hung by a mob and the path to the quarry from the stone yard secured from use by a dwarven clan of Helmgart.

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

P is for Oswin Pellensteiner

Oswin Pellensteiner's story is one of high peaks and low valleys.

Oswin was often a drunk in the past. His drunkenness led to a life where he often found himself on trips to places he often did not want to go. Passed out on a deck of one boat, a crew would dump him at a river tavern or put him out with other unsuspecting crews.

In one of these pressganged-by-proxy bouts with drunkenness, Oswin found himself on the Bianca with Ludovic Hasselhoff. A nascent captain Hasselhoff found Oswin to be a competent boatman if he could be kept sober. A soberness that came at what may have been both Oswin's lowest and highest points in his life to hear him tell it.

While ransacking berths on the Bianca for some alcohol—hidden by a zealot Halfling—Oswin inadvertently was affected by warpstone. An encounter that left a foot cloven and hoof-like. Oswin was confronted by the halfling upon the discovery of the mutation. Left begging for his life, Oswin's taint was cleansed by Udrin Sor-Valdir, and his encounter with the halfling was forgotten. The elven cleansing left Oswin sober for a brief time.

Oswin manned the Bianca for years with Hasselhoff and the halfling. He finally returned to Eldagen on the Delb to settle down with a woman and a child that he long hinted at as being his estranged wife and family. He returned to them a less poor man and sober almost a decade.

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